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Fuel Alternatives. This problem was solved almost 100 years ago. What’s the problem now?

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Hemps Seeds

Alternative fuel is only a issue because the US government wants there to be an issue. Why? Well when cars first came into production almost 100 years ago, Hemp seed oil was used to fuel our cars. Yes, I said it “Hemp oil”. Why aren’t we using this method? This would cause a huge out burst from your big business interest groups. Such as, beer/liquor/etc companies and of course oil companies. Very few people know the truth behind the reasoning of computation of marijuana is unlawful, its a battle among the big businesses. I am interested in starting a movement, a movement dedicated to the truth. Lets move forward by stating this issue and let it be known. I’m so sick and tired of the government playing dumb and manipulating American citizens. For more information on this topic please e-mail me at

Wikipedia quotes  “Industrial hempseed oil is used in lubricantspaintsinksfuel, and plastics.”

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Healing from Global Warming May Take 100,000 Years

by Stephen Messenger, Porto Alegre, Brazil on 11. 2.10

earth in wheelchair photoOriginal photo: neovainCC

When it comes to human-caused global warming, news of the long-term effects is mixed. On the one hand, the planet will indeed recover from the damage we’ve done — the only downside is that it will take 100,000 years, and chances are it will come at the expense of many species along the way. If humanity continues to emit greenhouse gases at the rate it has been, says one scientist, it could take millennia for the Earth to get back to good health, but only after a series of mass extinctions the likes of which have not been seen for millions of years.


Could Our Governments Politicians Be Brainwashing Society?

Our next politician could very well be on the next episode of “The Real World.” 

Picture of the Governor of North Carolina, Beverly Purdue

This picture is no way to the topic at hand; other than the fact Beverly is a politician.

Climate change has yet to become an official fact accepted by today’s current society. As the debates continue, peers and elders lose track of the ultimate goals of green living / green technologies. People continue to live as was; almost as if he or she have never heard anything at all. Could it be because the lack of knowledge that people interpret? Or because he or she are caught up with, who’s going to do what in office debates over and over, again. Politics are just another soap opera to myself, bashing one another’s flaws or failures just to be more socially accepted by society. American’s continue their consumed lives watching the he said she said useless debates and I feel this issue continues to grow and has affected society’s younger and weak-minded (less opinionated people). As people continue their days of execiting new drama filled MTV shows or whether its our current politicians bully each other.   As everyone chats over the issue of bullying they continue to set the prime example for our younger generation by calling out the opponents flaws.  When does it stop? Our next politician could definitely very well be staring on the next episode of “The Real World”.   Between reality TV and political debates there’s almost nothing much else left to entrain yourself with on the television.


Subscribe to Forbes Special Situation SurveyLogically thinking, it makes sense to do whats best for the planet.  In order,  for going green to be a success I feel that  a society motivated movement could make dramatic changes for everyone and as well for our planet.  This issue is not only in the interest of just ourselves but for the future of the human race.   If we don't start reshaping society soon, I feel that not only living on a greener planet will be lost and unattainable, but as well as the ethical standards that society has will only continue to decrease.


Political Pollution

clouding your mind with political senseless debates

People have to realize that everyone working independently turn out to make the most presidential classes of teams. Individuals need to start taking action now to stop this corruption before it mutates to chaos.

-Written by: Jerry Jackson

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October 31st, 2010

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