Fuel Alternatives. This problem was solved almost 100 years ago. What’s the problem now?

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Hemps seeds image

Hemps Seeds

Alternative fuel is only a issue because the US government wants there to be an issue. Why? Well when cars first came into production almost 100 years ago, Hemp seed oil was used to fuel our cars. Yes, I said it “Hemp oil”. Why aren’t we using this method? This would cause a huge out burst from your big business interest groups. Such as, beer/liquor/etc companies and of course oil companies. Very few people know the truth behind the reasoning of computation of marijuana is unlawful, its a battle among the big businesses. I am interested in starting a movement, a movement dedicated to the truth. Lets move forward by stating this issue and let it be known. I’m so sick and tired of the government playing dumb and manipulating American citizens. For more information on this topic please e-mail me at info@globaltechfirm.com.

Wikipedia quotes  “Industrial hempseed oil is used in lubricantspaintsinksfuel, and plastics.”

Allergy Relief Wellness Oil Allergy Relief Wellness Oil

Helps to relieve the itchy and watery eyes and works to reduce congestion. All natural option to allergy medicines that cause drowsiness and other side effects.


Allergy Relief Wellness Oil
Allergy Relief Wellness Oil

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